Shopping Addict: Why You Should Get A Self-Storage Unit

Getting rid of a shopping addiction of collecting junk can be a struggle and lead to a junky house. You can continue shopping and preventing your house from getting too junky if you invest in a self-storage unit. Find out in this article what makes a self-storage unit ideal for your shopping habit and what the monthly rental fee might be.

Why Should a Shopping Addict Invest in a Self-Storage Unit?

A self-storage unit rental is ideal for a shopping addiction because it will give you a space away from home to keep your stuff. The great thing about self-storage unit rentals is that they are available in various sizes that can accommodate everything that you purchase. It is actually wise to get a unit that is bigger than what you need so you can continue storing items until you ease up on shopping. The storage unit can also act as an inventory space in case you decide to start selling some of the items that you have accumulated. You even have the option of putting shelves and racks in the storage unit to keep everything organized for easy access.

If you are concerned about storing valuable items in a self-storage unit for a long time, you should consider a unit that is climate controlled. A climate controlled unit will give you the ability to adjust the temperature based on what kind of items you are storing away. The right temperature can prevent wooden items from suffering damage from moisture, such as by losing their form from the wood expanding. A climate controlled unit can also protect metal items from getting rusty from moisture exposure. The key to preventing moisture is setting the temperature in the unit at a level that is not too hot or cold to prevent humidity.

Is a Self-Storage Unit Affordable to Rent?

The affordability of a self-storage unit rental is dependent upon your needs and how much money is in your budget for one. If you are only in the habit of buying small items, you may be able to make a 5x5 foot unit work for a monthly fee of $40 plus. If you need a unit that is climate controlled and at least 10x20 feet, you should expect the monthly fee to be $170 plus.

Rent a monthly self-storage unit so you won't have to live in a house with a lot of junk while recovering from your shopping addiction!

To learn more, contact your local self storage facility. 

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