Pack Your Storage Unit for Convenience

The way you pack your storage unit can make all the difference when it comes to having access to items you may need while everything is still stored. You can follow the helpful advice detailed below to pack your storage unit in a way that makes it easy to get things out and that keeps your items well-protected.

Tall Appliances Should Line the Back

Your taller appliances, such as the refrigerator and stackable washer and dryer should be placed along the back wall of the unit. Make sure you tape the electrical cords to the side of the appliances so they don't get pulled on or pose a tripping hazard. You can stack very light items you won't be needing on top of the appliances until they come just below the ceiling.

Place Furniture in the Middle

Your furniture, such as dressers and couches, can go in front of the appliances. You want to get creative with the furniture so you can fit a lot of it in a small space. In most cases, you can turn a loveseat upside down and stack it right on top of a full length sofa. You can even fill the space between the loveseat and sofa with throw pillows.

Line the Borders with Boxes

Create a "U" shape around the inside of the storage unit with packed and clearly labelled boxes. Stack them with the largest and heaviest on the bottom, working up to the lightest and smallest on the top. You want to border the inside tightly with these boxes against the walls and along the inside where the furniture is.

Make Aisles in the Unit

The next step is for you to create aisles with stacked boxes that have gaps between them that offer just enough room for you to walk through. Make sure you stack the boxes so they are very stable, especially since you will be walking through them.

When you open the storage unit's door, it should look like its set up like a grocery store, with straight lanes. To make things even easier, you can set up each lane so the boxes in it all come from the same room. This will make it extremely simple for you to go in the unit and find the box you are looking for.

The ideas in this article should make it much more convenient for you to find anything you need without pulling out a bunch of boxes. If you're still looking for a place to keep your things, consider looking into local mini storage facilities.

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