Storage Tips: Simple Tricks to Maximize Your Storage Unit Space

You have decided to store your items in a storage unit, and you want to pay the least amount possible. This means that you might be looking at smaller units. So you should know how to maximize that space as much as possible. The following guide will give you a few tips and tricks to do just that.

Box It Up

The first thing you should do is make sure your boxes are durable and the same in size. Making sure the boxes are the same size should make it easier to stack the boxes high.

Consider purchasing some plywood that you can modify as you are storing. You can place this piece of plywood over each set of boxes to increase sturdiness. The plywood will act like a shelf, which can support many boxes. This support should also allow you to place items on top of your boxes that could not fit in your boxes.

Assembled or Not?

You want to try to disassemble as many items as possible, which could include tables or beds as long as you keep every piece in one place and labeled so that you can easily reassemble later.  Be sure to store bulky items like sofas or mattresses vertically to increase space.

However, there are some items that may be helpful while you are storing, which include furniture that has drawers or cabinets. So place armoires, ovens,  and other similar pieces of furniture or appliances by the walls of your storage unit. Use the cabinets and drawers as storage space for smaller items or clothes.

Clothes Issue

Yes, boxing up as much as possible should help you use your space more effectively. But that is not true about clothes. Clothes can get bulky rather quickly, and you will use more boxes than necessary. A good solution would be to put your clothes in the drawers of some of the furniture and appliances, as mentioned earlier. But there are other solutions if you do not have furniture or appliances to put clothes in. Consider the following:

Boxed Trick

You would normally just fold up your clothes neatly, and place them in your box. But you may want to tightly roll each garment to ensure that you maximize your box space.

Unboxed Solution

The ideal solution when it comes to clothes is to take them out of the boxes and put them in racks to use vertical space, which should help create space, especially for bulky clothes, like coats.

You can talk to a local storage space facility, such as Statewide Self Storage, about other things that you can do to maximize the amount of space you use.

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