4 Storage Tips To Help Keep Your Vinyl Record Collection Ready To Groove

While digital music may be the front-runner in tunes today, many music aficionados still have their vinyl record collection. In fact, many still use them on a regular basis. In addition, according to Nielson, vinyl record sales increased in 2014 by 52 percent. Obviously, your turntable is the best location for your vinyl records. However, what do you do if you need to store them? How can you keep them safe? Here are a few tips to ensure your records remain rock 'n roll ready while in a self-storage facility:

1. Take Care When Handling Your Records.

Before you ever touch your records, you need to make sure your hands have been washed and dried thoroughly, according to the Library of Congress. You will also want to make sure that you avoid touching the playing surface of the record. For vinyl records, you will need to handle the disc by the edge or the area where the label has been placed.

2. Don't Store Your Vinyl Records Horizontally.

When you place your vinyl records on a shelf or in a box, regardless of whether they are in their respective jackets, you need to make sure that you never place them directly on top of one another. Instead, they need to be placed upright, vertically. This is to help reduce the risk of warping, scuff marks, ring wear on the album cover, and cracking of the record due to the weight.

3. Don't Remove the Sleeves.

Vinyl records need to remain in their sleeves in order to steer clear from dirt and dust. However, these sleeves can become damaged. If this happens, the sleeve needs to be replaced immediately to avoid damage to your vinyl record. When choosing a new inner sleeve, you'll want to make sure you avoid paper, unless it is lined with polyethylene on the inside, as the poly helps to minimize friction and static. Ultimately, if you can afford it, you should go with an audiophile-grade sleeve, as these are the top-of-the-line.

4. Keep Your Records Cool, Dry and Out of the Light.

The Library of Congress also stresses the importance of the environment for vinyl record storage. Not only should there not be much light or vibration, your vinyl record collection also doesn't need to be exposed to excessively moist, warm environments. The ideal environment is room temperature and 35 to 40 percent relative humidity.

By following the aforementioned tips when storing your vinyl records, you will be ensuring that your records remain playable and do not lose their value. Now that you know how you need to store your collection, call around to local self-storage facilities, like Pearl Street Self Storage, and get rates on climate-controlled units.

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