3 Tips For Storing Winter Clothing

When the winter season comes to an end, you might find your home closets don't have enough room to hang your winter clothing along with spring and summer clothing. You will need to store it elsewhere, whether in your basement, attic or in a self-storage unit like Liberty Self Storage. Here are some tips for storing it and keeping it in good condition for the following year.

Wash All the Clothing First

Even if you only wore your winter coat once, make sure it and all the other clothing is washed thoroughly. If there is any dirt or debris on the winter clothing when it is stored, it can cause a foul odor by the time you retrieve it. You also don't want any traces of perfume, cologne, cigarette smoke, or deodorant on the clothing items. You will notice the difference when storing clean clothing as opposed to clothing that was lightly worn and not washed prior to storing it. Some items might also need to be pressed before storing them.

Store it in the Right Place

When storing your winter clothing, you should choose the location very carefully. You want it stored in a cool, dry area that doesn't get too humid. If it is going to be stored in your home, avoid storing it in a basement or attic unless you have good ventilation and insulation. A better option is to choose a climate-controlled storage unit since you can control the temperature and climate, and keep the boxes or bins elevated so pests and water doesn't ruin it. If you decide on a storage unit, keep the bins off the ground by placing them on other furniture or putting wood pallets on the ground first.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

You should not be storing your winter clothing in cardboard boxes or plastic dry cleaning bags. Place your items into plastic storage bins after folding them carefully. This ensures hangers don't stretch out your sweaters, keeps pests from invading the clothing, and ensures water doesn't ruin it if there is a big flood or broken plumbing pipe in the area where you are storing the clothing items. The exception is with certain delicate items, which should be stored with acid-free tissue paper to protect the material. If you're not sure how to store a certain material, ask a professional cleaner as they will let you know what is best for that garment. Most winter clothing is fine being folded and placed in storage bins.

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