Moving Into A Dorm Or Apartment For School? Rent A Storage Unit With Your Schoolmates

Most of the time, young adults go from living at home to living in an apartment or dorm. Whether this fits your situation or you are getting a higher education at a later time in life, you may want to find a roommate, two, or three to share an apartment with for financial reasons. Trying to afford your own place may not be that easy and can quickly cut into how much time you can dedicate to schooling. When living with schoolmates, you should also think about renting a storage unit together to maximize savings—especially if your parents intend on downsizing their home or you need frequent access to some of the things in storage.

Sign a Roommate Agreement with Each Other

It is smart to take the time to create and for everyone to sign a roommate agreement, which can include specific information regarding the storage unit that you end up sharing. Making everything clear and set in stone is the easiest way to avoid any payment or storage frustrations down the line.

Use Painters Tape to Split Up the Space

Although it might seem that organizing a storage unit into two, three, or four separate spaces without using any visual signs is easy, the best solution is to create visual barriers. All it takes to accomplish this goal is a tape measure, painters tape, and a few minutes to take measurements.

Discuss Size Options with Schoolmates

Every individual is going to handle their own storage needs. For instance, you may only want a small space in a storage unit to store everything that you feel the need to keep and store. It is better to discuss things with your roommates beforehand to avoid a situation in which you are paying for space you will never use. It might be possible that one of your roommates would love to have more storage space than what they were assigned, so you can work it out to let them use some of your area in exchange for paying less.

Get Climate Control for Safety Measures

Instead of trying to determine who should pay the higher price when adding a feature such as climate control, you should just make it a rule from the beginning. Getting a storage unit with climate control will provide everyone with the same storage opportunities and it does not single anyone out to pay extra.

When going to school, you should take advantage of opportunities to save money, and renting a storage unit with your roommates is an excellent example of how you can accomplish this goal. Contact a service like Guardian Self Storage to learn more.

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