3 Tips To Help You Store Your RV For Winter And Keep It In Good Shape

Now, summer has arrived and you probably have some trips planned for your RV. This can include taking a road trip, or may only be a couple of weekend trips over the summer. When the trips are over, you RV may be sitting for some time. It is a good idea to prepare it for a long winter, so you do not have any surprises when you go to use your RV next summer. Here are some tips to help you prepare your RV for winter storage:

1. Remove All Food Items And Leave Baking Soda In These Areas

Having food in your RV can be disastrous when insects and other pests strike. You can come back to your RV being damage and infested with unpleasant critters like rats and roaches. It can also leave mold problems if you forget perishable foods. To avoid this, remove all foods that you have in your RV. In addition, you can leave open containers of baking soda in areas like cabinets and refrigerators.

2. Clean Water Tanks And Make Sure That No Water Is In Plumbing

Water tanks can be another source of problems over the winter months. Make sure you drain and flush out grey and black water tanks to prevent problems. In addition, make sure the water deposit is completely drained. You may also want to open all plumbing faucets and drain any plumbing lines to prevent pipes from freezing and being damaged during any winter freezing.

3. Check Fluids And Coolant, And Make Sure That Everything Is Full For Winter

The engine and drive train are also important when you store your RV. A winter freeze could possibly cause a lot of damage to the engine and other parts. Before you put your RV up for storage, check all the fluids and change the oil. In addition, flush the radiator and replace the coolant. For areas with harsh winter freezes, use a coolant that has protection for lower temperatures. During the winter months, you may also want to occasionally start the engine and let it run a little to make sure it does not freeze up due to months of sitting idle and not being started.

These are some tips that can help you prepare your RV for a long winter storage. If you do not have a place to put your RV for the winter, contact an RV storage service such as Pioneer Storage LLC ​ to ensure your RV is well taken care of, even though you may not be using it. 

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